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Showing posts from November 19, 2005

Friday-Prize Presentation Day!!!

friday was a quite well day for me, cause we went for the prize prsentation day....i waited in the hall for 1 half hour until it boring while waiting.....but then the guest of honour, Mr Tio, came in walking and we all rise and welcome him!! i thought he was a macho man with strong muscles ,then when he came into the hall, he was an old men,yucks so ugly!!!! but then he was quite a good man,talk so well!!! after that we take photos wif teachers,Mrs Lim,ms Suryanti,Mrs karen Tay,Mrs Ong and Mdm soh......Ms Suryanti also called as my Ms dear is my fav fav fav teacher!!!!!She is a Kind.caring.pretty and cute teacher.....i miss her cause she goin to new zealand for 2 weeks......but can juz imagine tat she is coming back soon and can go out wif her!!!!! MS Suryanti!!!!! Miss You a lotssss!!!!
haha!! quite nice standing beside her and take photos wif her!!!!!!haha....