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Showing posts from October 30, 2007

i'm so boring.
yuzhen good la.
she's working at concourse.
the boss scare we two talk, so only hire the taller wan.
right yuzhen?
lols.yuzhen is damn tall la.

i am currently still waiting for julie robert's email.
hope he hire me.

i had just finished watching Forensic Heroes 1.
damn nice.
i love yoyo mung ka wai!
she's so cool la.
so pretty too.
there she is.
the middle one.

i cant wait for forensic heroes part 2 to come out!
oh and by the way, i'm watching THE ULTIMATE CRIME FIGHTER.
acted by yoyo mung and more.
beginning was abit boring but after that it is quite intreseting la.
yoyo mung in that show also acted as a cop.
MADAM again.
i'm waiting for my aunt to bring me the DRIVE OF LIFE vcd.
i've been waiting for long la.
hopfully she can bring me the vcs as soon as possible, so i wont be that boring,

oh and people wish me luck that i had been hired by julie roberts.!
hopefully so.
if not i will be jobless!
hope joyce wold be hired by JULIE ROBERT…