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Showing posts from August 27, 2006

lalaala,, enjoy myself okkay

heyheyhey people!
haha.. okkayy blogging again!
i so feddup with my computer.. ARGH!!
cant open blogger until now..
yesterday it was a busy and tiring day for me..
i wake up at 8:32
i suppose to meet yuke jen(: & edwin(:
to go my gal(yunqi)(: house..
& i wake up at 8:32!
they cab down until they have to get out cos of me..i late
sorry guys let u all wait for me for so long..
terribly sorry!
& we have to take another cab down to myy gal's hse
& i forget to bring the map
hah! luckily jen have it!
jen u are our lucky star!
thanks! =D love you loads!
and we reach there!
whee~ her house is really very big okkay!
its a terrence i think..
she got 3 gardens!
LOL! now u can think how big is it!
and her cat, pirate, got stuck in her tree!
my gal took a bamboo stivk wanted the cat to get down
but it cant, obviously..
then she took the cat food and put it there
then the cat jump down
the cat is down!
then we go and make the cookies
for the celebrating on wednesday!
and we ma…