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Showing posts from February 28, 2008
hihi dearies! =)
its been a long time since i've update my blog.
LOLS. reason is that simple.
tests are always everyday like there's no end to it.
i got back my SS results & i'm quite satisfied with it!
hahahs! :D
A1 for my Social studies! *claps.!
i passed my mathematics too lor!
Did the POA test today again.
Yes. its on double entry again. -.-
But who cares? i love double entry! WHEE~

i've got myself the TVBweekly with the TVBeauty featuring my shehshehjie inside!
i got one for V too! :D
shehshehjie was so leng!
she's so pretty la! she got beautiful long legs lor :)

Parents meeting is on next thursday.
my mama is meeting mskoh. :)

had public speaking today again!
today was quite fun la!
we have to disagree on what the pervious person had say!
then ms priya wan us to act "Crime watch"
those police police case de la.
it was damn funny la!
hahas! no words can describe that happiness and fun we had, right my dear friends?

Finally i have NO tests!
yea! ~
thats wh…