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Showing posts from November 11, 2007
oh hello again!
i am re-watching stars award 2006
and it keeps lagging thou.

jessica's and zhangjiahui's scene was very funny!
ite really funny la!
especially when it comes to gurmit signh
it keeps stopping then buffer then stop then bufffer.
anyway jessica is really pretty! [:

hahas. and the scene with gurmit is really a big laugh man!
it didnt show how jessica speaks english.there's only a sentence that was spoken by her by english. AND AUDIENCE was going WOW WOW for her english la.(:
i lwish i was hugged by jessica!LOLS.
but thru her parental guidance show, her english is really "speechless"
its too good for words to describe la.
i really love man!

oh and happy 100thpost to my blog today! the 11th nov!
& happy birthday to my dearset xinyi! [:
happy birthday to both issues! :)