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i just came back from class bbq!
it was pretty fun.!

i suppose to meet edwin.brenden.jeremy.edwin.yuzhen & shimin at 11.30.hahah.but i woke up late again. :/
i woke up at 11.38. :x they went to buy ingredients without me first.
i reached seng siong,tekka at 12.40 liddat. bleahs. :xx
ha.sorry everybody!

so was at edwin house from 2 plus.
play his com,download themes all that.
till bernard came with the bee hoon.
and we ask where's the chicken wings and he say it was spoilt. =.="
so we went to novena's cold storage to buy those chicken wings.
i bought kfc.i was super hungry.
so slack till 6 then start.
was cooking, and the prawns were superb!
ha.of course.i was the one who cooked those prawns!(:
those chicken wings were not fully cooked! :/
ha.shimin & yuzhen were cooking with it.
the hotdogs were perfect too.
ha.i cooked with that also.(:
yay.i can be a chief! lol.

then it was the POOL game.
those boys keep pushing people down.
tsk.we cant have our girls' talk.!
i get pus…