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Showing posts from November 25, 2006

changed blogskin(:

oh hihi!
back here blogging yah.
i've changed my blogskin.tadda!
haha. love through theskies.
very nice topic yah.

i loveeee the show {truimph in the skies}
very very very nice((:
belive in fate;
that show real nice
i loveeee flora chan!{isebelle;le yi shan}as called in that show
its showing U,10pm.
nice nice nice.

i've bought the vcd of that show at poh kim
ot cost me 8O bucks!
omg,its espensive but the story is nice.
i keep repeating the vcd.
the ending song of {truimph in the skies} is nice rite.? is sang by flora chan!
haha.she's not only an actress
she's also a very good singer.

i wanna be an air-stewerdess!
haha.i wanna travel for the first 5 years first
then be a...
maybe i will continue air-stewerdess carreer bah!
haha.funny yah.

i finding the ending song of that show on internet
i found it at yahoo
but then i not sure how to USB to my phone.
so sad lar.
nvm.i've called for help. niang to help lar.
niang.i loveee you!

ending here.