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hi dearies! =D
firstly, HAPPY BOXING DAY! *open your presents and share with me! HAH

how is everyone's christmas ?
mine is boring, i don't celebrate on actual day.
i stayed at home watching Gem. LOL.
i find gem not really interesting.
i only like to see gigi-moses story line.
linda has not make her appearance yet.
i'm watching up to 20 now.
can't wait to see linda. :D

oooh! i've finished watching [carry me walk and fly off]
it was a old charmaine series back then in 2003.
the whole show, charmaine cried ALOT.
it's seriously ALOT, because of benny.
so you can imagine how many tissues i used for myself.
the moment charmaine cry, i'll cry. HAHA.
my sister is watching that now. LOL.
so fran, please be patient. HAHA.

i'm seriously finding [return of the cuckoo]
it is TVB highest rating drama right?
i haven get to watch that. argh.
i can't wait for enterprise doctor!
charmaine working with Dayo,
break her record of not crying for a drama.
it was a …
Helloha dearies! :D
heheee! i'm blogging at 20dec.
but it's past 3am now so blogger date will eventually be 21dec. (:

on 19 dec, we had our sec 1 CCA registration. (:
see all the innocent kiddies coming to balestier hill!
HAHHAHA! climb that stupid hill. LOL. super tiring.
met yuzhen, jiahui and xinyi (oh, you finally came!) LOL!.
then went up to school.
Section leaders to set up instruments!
so yuzhen & i went up to set up! =)
the rest went to give up the fliers.

move move move everything out.
we tried on the instruments as well.
heheee! i can blow the flute damn well la!
no airy sounds! HAHA!
stupid junior keep suan me say i can't blow.
eh, i can blow hor. HAHA!
i can blow the trumpet, flute, saxophone, clarnet! HAHA!
the rest never try. LOL.
saxophone kinda nice to play.
every instrument needs so much air.
piang eh, i gonna be out of breath. LOL.
percussion the best la! HAHA.

we stayed there a little while,
yuzhen and i decided to go give out the fliers, and so we took a packet of sweet, …
YOYOYO dearies!
i slept at 6am yesterday.
GOSH. damn tired.
woke up at 11am.
getting prepared for linda fans gathering! :D

bused down to cityhall to meet mich, lingling, joyin & hannah (latee bugggg!) HAHAHA! :p
went to have MOS and discuss about the book of christmas (:
hannah gave me one linda poster!!
hahas! thanks hannah! i love you la! :D
& i realize that lingling take the same subjects combination !
it's like exactly the same? right lingling? HAHA!
& maths sucks! TOTALLY. LOL.

took picture for hannah & joyin with their linda disc!
i can't stop laughing when i see hannah! HAHA.
she's super cute and FUNNY!
after MOS, went to print out things , going popular to get things.
we chat alot alot la. LOL.
then went to burger king to prepare the book of christmas for linda! :D
the whole process was really enjoyable!
and we all have one goal --- LINDA! :D
hahas! hannah's snowman super funny! LOL!

it was a nice linda gathering.
although there's only 5 of us but it was rather …
things are getting complicated..
每一條路 ,不容易走,但是不要放弃!
我們已經體驗許多事, 現在放弃不是如此浪費 ?
我懇切地希望大家愉快, 快樂. [:
life is full of ups and downs.
but look at the positive side, things will look better. (:
i cherish us, infact we cherish each of one :D
i hope we'll stay forever..

confusing, speechless, hurt.
i pray to god, please please let unhappy things go by..
i love & cherish everyone of them.

This is how fun star chasing friends can be! (:
lovely bunch of friends! :D
thanks for everything!!

enjoy & nights!
(my fung!! :D)

"V, i know you are very very hurt. but since we already know our mistakes and we already tried our best to solve it but ...
life has to keep going , look on the positive side of life (:
hugs! "
Hihi dearies! =)
just came back from band's decoration.
but there's nothing much to be done.
Dinosaur, elephant and me just seat down there listening to music.
LOL! finally percussion is in charge of the booth [:

Ok, gonna upload some photos taken on Fung's event on the 11dec/12dec.
my photo album for dono what reason it cannot be viewed. -.-
on 11 dec, we went to pick up fung!
he came in Gun Ga Zai style.! super cute!
along with Candyma (is this how i spell her name? )
we welcomed fung! everyone passes him some gifts!
well, V is on cloud nine! LOL!
and he went to the van, V and i was talking to candyma along the way.
the airport dosen't have much people.
both candyma and fung were in relaxing mood [:
candyma was a nice person [:

after fung boarded the van, V along with fran and i went to take cab
and cabbed down to INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL.
along the way, we met fung's van! HAHAH!
fran and V super high! LOL!
we arrived to the hotel first and then fung came!
he signed the photos for fr…
Hihi dearies! =)
Finally got my zen player back today!
it was sent for repairing 3 days after i bought it.LOL.
thanks sunshine! for accompanying me all the way to jurong!

i'm dead tired now.
my eyes are closing but i have to install all the songs back to my zen.
so poor thing right?
i need to listen to it tmr.
and V wants me to bring portable DVD player tmr. LOL
alamak. super heavy laaa.

ok, talking about the genting trip,
it was alright la.
not say super fun because my mum did not come along.
it's only, 2 of my aunts, and 5 of cousins etc went.
my sisters didnt come along too.
but well, the weather was cooling!~
heheee! love it!
why is singapore so damn hot?
earth earth quick move away from the equator!
thanks! LOL!
being so retarded!

it was 6am in the morning when we arrive at genting
yeps, we took the night bus on 7 dec. (:
slept on the bus but it was not enough okay. LOL
i love to get plenty of rest if not all those pimples on my face will reappear.
and we started "gambling" in the tempo…
Hihi Dearies!

i'm leaving for genting in another like 1 hour!~
Don't miss me yea? HAHA!
i haven completed any homework. shregs!!
i swear i'm gonna chiong homework when i come back la.
there are countless of homework! alamak!

okay, i gtg prepare already!
see you all on the 10 dec!~ (:
Hihi dearies!
this is gonna be a short post because i'm going for buffet!!
i haven eaten the whole day.
super hungry! LOL!

just went to meet patpat with V.
and i really love the shehsheh's items!
thanks alot patpat! ;D
i love you laa! (:
Hope you like all the notebook and posters too la!
i'm sure you hoi sum laa!
hahaaa! many posters right ? (:
lol, okay la, thanks alot for the items!

ok, i gtg for buffet!
miss me! HAHA! i'll update pictures soon when i'm back! :D
HELLO! Dearie!
i have nothing to say about korea trip but few words- Fun and knowledgeable .
All the Korea trip photos will be in my gallery.!
do click and access into my gallery folder!
it's at the left hand side box.

Been busy till now.
band practices, star chasing and etc.
i went for the Fung, Bobby and kevin's function.
the grand opening of a restruant .
we went to fetch fung.
Fung and kevin sat the same plane and arrive together.
Bobby came later at night. [:

the second day was argh.
i belong to the first row, till being the last one and i stop taking pictures.
and before the event ended, we took cab down to airport as fung is leaving on that day.
unfortunately, i didnt get a picture with him cos priority to FF fans first.
well, i've signed up already and even paid $20 for it already la.
so next time i go anywhere, got priority. HEHE.

and we went hotel afterwards.
to look for kevin and bobby.
then we wanted to wait inside so we have to buy something.
and that's whe…
Hihi dearies!
i know i have not been touching my blog!
it's currently under renovation!~
please be patient! :D
i need to change blogskin and my sister is helping me to create one.
have to wait for her then :D
meanwhile, i've lots to update!
The korea trip, The star tour and all!
i'm really lucky to take pictures with Mr Kevin Cheng, Mr Bobby Au-Yueng, MR bosco Wong, Mr Lam Bowie and Ms Maggie! :D
i'll update all this when my new blog is done.
i have lots of pictures to update! LOL!

First TVB star to take photo was
1: Jessica Hester Hsuan
2: Fala Chen
3: Bobby Au yueng
4: Kevin Cheng
5: Bowie, Bosco and maggie.
(i just started star chasing this year! but i idolize Sheh 5 years already, but i have not taken any photo with her ): argh! i hope la! next year! pray hard she won't go back during school days! LOL )

Tags replied! (shit, so long didnt reply liao! i'm sorry!)

♥hsiehhui : Hi! hahas! no la, they are not together! but they look cute right? hahas! charvin also ! LOL!

♥ Ku…