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Showing posts from May 10, 2009

In the process of mid year.

Hello dearies!
it's been a long time since i post again.
because of mid year examinations.
it's really stressful.
everynight have to burn midnight oil to revise and revise,
scare that when you wake up, you'll forget everything.
that's me.

English paper was alrighty, except that there's not much time for me to do the summary.
i hope my paper 1 would attain mush higher marks.

Chemistry paper 3 was alrighty as well, but i think i flunged it cause of serious careless mistake, i dont think i can get my A1 now ):

Chinese paper 1 was WORST. i think i totally flunged it la. i was super tired for afternoon's paper. and i could not concentrate AT ALL. i think i wrote it out of point la. how shameful for a chinese band A student flunged her compo.

History paper was very disappointing. i studied up to 3am that perevious night. i was happy for the essay because i know how to do! but i have not enough time ): time dosent allow me to finished my 13 marks essay.! how disppointing is that…