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Showing posts from December 3, 2007
hello dearies!
i'm back! i'm early today! hahas. actually i didnt sleep for the whole night yesterday. later going back to school to help move the instruments. i cant fall asleep last night. so decided to hang around with the computer.

picture shown a show Word Twister's Adventures. i have finally finished the whole 20th episodes! & i can say its funny,romantic and sometimes quite sad. overall the show was funny la! the story was kinda intreseting! overall ratings would be 8.5/10 Charmaine sheh was great in acting! :D good job charmaine! :)
i'm still halfway thru lethal weapons of love and passion. currently stopped at episode 11. its getting much more nicer and nicer! CHARRAY is in it! :D WOOT~ the pictire of CHARRAY below! CHARRAY rawks la! :) they both made a perfect match.
i'm also half way tru The Ultimate Crime Fighter. i had not been watching that since i'm obsessed with lethal weapons of love and passion now. have to wait for my aunt to get the ultimate crime fighter disc. …