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Showing posts from March 2, 2010
Heeeellloooooo earth!
its time for me to update!
boss has been giving me lots of off days. LOL.
so lets see.

Feb 26
Went to meet dawnteoooo to go out :D
brought her to expo to see fair and haha, we sweep so many things back.
we wanted to visit natas fair, but there's admission ticket to pay, so forget it and just right, there's asian food delight fair.
so we went there and eat eat here, eat eat there. LOL.
then we went to watson's fair. everything was so cheap there! :D
gosh, compare to retail prices, its really cheap till crazy. LOL.

after that, we went to airport
the gallery mall has opened! and so we went there (:
shop shop around.
we love to shop around airport, cause there's 20% and no GST!
yay! love that!
let the pictures do the talking!