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Showing posts from June 10, 2008
Hiya there dearies.
it's raining heavily and i'm going to have a great night.

went swimming with dawn on monday 8th june.
it was great and we swam 20 laps.
a sense of achievement indeed, right dawn? [:
and then we went kallang leisure park to play.
LOL! we went there to eat sushi and then shop around.
we played bowling as well. :]
hehehes :D the night was enjoyable even thought we have to go home.
dawn, our canto language? remember?
the same old line? HAHAS!
it was great to go out with you my lovely doody dawnie :D

went out with kuku and guys today :]
met kuku and newton MRT at 12 when i suppose to meet her at 11.
so sorry kuku i made you wait for an hour.
super duper sorry.
i cabbed down there as fast as possible already.
then took bus 48 to holland V and bring kuku to eat ice-cream.
that's the stall here victoria bring me there. :D
we sat at the swing :D
and bought bread :D
hehes. then went down to kallang leisure park .
yes, again. LOL
went to bowl! :D hehes. i'm not the lowest .
then went…