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[Volunteer Ad] Lovely Items on Instagram! + updates on my life!

Hi guys!
Sorry for the super long lack of updates and as though I have forgotten this little space of mine...
BUT fret not, I did not! If you've seen my instagram, I am highly active in there~~~ keke
It was because of university, my life has been revolving around Uni then~
With the addition of dance and yes i decided to continue my latin dance! And i really love Ardiente (#truestory although Im still quite afraid to interact with the seniors except for Huimin...keke. and fellow ardiente-ers are super nice as well :D Im blessed!)

School life had been pretty hectic and all. Just got back my law results and I wasnt satisfied at all and came to know that my prof didnt award me with the right marks. Hopefully consultation on Wednesday goes well and he give me my marks back T.T Surprisingly, Stats quiz marks was better than expected! Thank god! It's amazing how ive witness god in my auditorium when I was stuck with questions. Im really grateful and blessed :)

As good things comes al…

Fx Rum Pum Pum full cover!

Just a short update to put this full video up!
Im not sure if you all can see, but if you cant, please let me know! (@jwanting on instagram!)
because actually my dance mates set it private, so im not sure if you guys can view it.
So do let me know!
Special thanks to Felica for the video! :)

hahha, its super RAW!
On the last day of learning this, we havent completed the last few steps and teacher was rushing to teach us.
so the back part kinda a little messy but nevertheless, it was really a good dance with all these girls! :)

Dont laugh at our silly mistakes!