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March 28, 2009.
Performance at SIngapore COnfrences hall for public.
it was a real great experience to perform there over and over again.[:
our performance was great!
Mr ow even said that's the best performance ever.
everybody was super happy! LOL.
[shall post up the pictures later, LOTS of it]

April 2, SYF 2009, band 77, balestier hill secondary school.
Ya, it's our SYF, it's over.
when the date hasn't reached, i am anticipating it to reach,
but when it actually reacher, i hope time would reverse.
we had a BRONZE medal- is it somrthing to be cheered for ?
it is really disappointing, we practiced so hard and we ended up with BRONZE,
i cried for 2 days man! it was really sad.
we were expecting at least a silver or perhaps a gold.
but reality didnt set us on.
after the SYF performance, Mr ow made a simple speech, which make me feel like tearing but i manage to held it back.
he thank each individual percussionist, thanks to mr ow for his hard work too.
along with other teachers like Ms p…