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Showing posts from December 11, 2008
Hihi dearies! =)
Finally got my zen player back today!
it was sent for repairing 3 days after i bought it.LOL.
thanks sunshine! for accompanying me all the way to jurong!

i'm dead tired now.
my eyes are closing but i have to install all the songs back to my zen.
so poor thing right?
i need to listen to it tmr.
and V wants me to bring portable DVD player tmr. LOL
alamak. super heavy laaa.

ok, talking about the genting trip,
it was alright la.
not say super fun because my mum did not come along.
it's only, 2 of my aunts, and 5 of cousins etc went.
my sisters didnt come along too.
but well, the weather was cooling!~
heheee! love it!
why is singapore so damn hot?
earth earth quick move away from the equator!
thanks! LOL!
being so retarded!

it was 6am in the morning when we arrive at genting
yeps, we took the night bus on 7 dec. (:
slept on the bus but it was not enough okay. LOL
i love to get plenty of rest if not all those pimples on my face will reappear.
and we started "gambling" in the tempo…