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Showing posts from November 15, 2009
Hiiiiiiii :)
went out with chou yuzhen today!
meeting her at 12pm but i woke up at 1 plus instead.
LOL. sorry !
i was watching Beyond the realm of consience till 5am! hahaha.
met her at united square pop.
then went to get materials.
shopp-ed around and makan.
then walk-ed over to Square 2 to look for my flats.
went to take a look at polo tee as well.
wow, polo tee quite ex siol~
in the end, mum bought it for me.

then sat around the resting area to do the things that we are supposed to.
after that we bus-ed down to bugis area to look for pants and flats.
we walked quite a long way.
lol, we get the things at around 8 then went home.
manage to get those basic shirt and pants.
borrowing saline's bag first, got no suitable bag. hehehehe.
see got what nice then buy and then return her bag!
thanks salineee! love you this sardine goh! HAHA.

Picturesss! :)
we are doing cards for some lovelies :)
make your guess! ♥

Toddles :)
beyond the realm of conscience is super addictive :]
just now i received my aunt's boss's calls.
was freaking nervous.
hahas! he had a short conversation with me.
and say that my english is good :)
LOL. since i told him im waiting for O levels result, he replied with "so are you intending to go to JC or poly?"
i replied with JC if can make it but most probably Poly.
hahas! & he said no la, from what i hear you sure can make it to JC.
comfirm JC one! LOL.
the boss was hilarious.
quite nice la the boss. glad.

but he is arranging me under a fierce aunty.
haha, cause he say under her, i can learn better.
through the conver can hear that he is a funny boss. HAHA.
he still say i very lucky, people need walk in application and interview but mine no need. LOL.
on phone can liao.
i wil be working at Taka's Robinsons! :)
come visit me.
hahas! im going for registration on monday and start working probably the next day already.
hopefully it will be a pleasant learning experience.
cause its my first job, and being a sales promoter, got a…