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Showing posts from June 28, 2008
Hihi dearies! :]
back here blogging again!

we had out school splendours 2008 yesterday.
and i'm from the band thus sharing a part in performing too!
i finally know how to do balanced equation for chemistry already lor!
when teacher first time saying i cant even understand a single thing man,
then i do slowly slowly and concentrate on what Mr iskander is saying and in the end i know liao lor!
I can feel there's sense of accomplishment la!hahas!
i got to go revise my chem again if not i will forget man.
i seem to love chem more than physics now. LOL! :]

Ohya! The band performance was great okay!
hahahs! we played pretty well. xD
and NBC is coming and i hope that we can get a gold laaa [;
we took plenty of photos but i'm lazy to upload them.
shall upload in future when i;m not lazy la . x]

Sia la, Astro On demand aired Forensic Heroes 2 the last episode!
wonder how was it? but i know it will be charvin la! LOL!
cos ah-sam got new love-Sharon Chan. LOL!.
and hongkong is airing it's last epi…