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Showing posts from June 11, 2008
Hiya dearies! :D
went to get band's stuff for band camp just now with sunshine.
she's so hilarious man.
laugh laugh laugh, later your tongue drop ah.! LOL!

YAY! finally finished with the buying of band stuff!
no stress. LOL!
i'm re-watching [The Dance Of passion Now.] now on TV!
it's after love guaranteed.
Melissa and sunny did get married! :D

i got to go print photos and pass it to V tmr.
kuku, swimming tmr yes?
i have to look for my swimming costume. LOL!


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♥ Patpay gajei : OPPS! GOSH! now then i know.! LOL! paiseh paiseh, it's OLYMPIC! :D HEHES. Typo error laaa. xD LOL! so sorry ah gajei, my mum says its too rush so cant go. ): i wanna see them too. but mmust thanks both you and ivy jiejie to help me :D DOU JEI! :D

♥ dawn : HAHAS! yes , our canto language! <3

♥ kuku : hahas! hmmmm, tmr la? want? LOL! YES YES! BRA! his bowling sucks la! LOL!

♥ siokkan gajei : HAHAS! no prob! :] hahahs! THANKS! :D RENE! x]

♥ Lizzy : hello! hahas! yeps yeps! sel…