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Showing posts from April 11, 2009

Studying time w 阿姐和咪咪yuzhen! :D + the change of email. (:

Hello dearies!
i'm back here blogging again :D
this week is full of tests.
just completed all the major tests,however mid year is just right the corner. -.-
F&N coursework is driving me crazy.ARGH.
anyway, i'm changing my email to
My email account thingy had virus, keep posting some ridiculous thingy.
between the "joyce and the ng is a _ (underscore)" so dont put spacing ah.
thanks! i will only add people that i know. :D

April 10, 2009! Good friday, raining.
Esplanade @ the bay!
Went out to study with mummie and ahjie!
at the featured starbucks where i always go with kalipop every sunday! LOL
it was a super funny day but we did homework la.
Mummie yuzhen was not focusing at all lo! LOL!
she never does her work till the very last miunte. LOL.
when ahjie and i was doing our work, mummie was using her phone to take pictures non stop! LOL
after a while, when ahjie and i was influenced by her, we started to cam-whore as well! LOL.
then at the time, mummie then …