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Showing posts from July 14, 2006

14072o06---->princesS playground...

hellos((: seemed like a good day?
cos the maths test today was easier...lols
but the 1st question i dono how to do ler..haha
as u all knoe I HATE MATHS
yesterday's GE0 test was easy...
i did it in a few minutes
home econs today was fun!!! :DDDDDDD
poor kim hong she has to wash all the dishes..haha
thats because she dont knoe how to fry...
haha..slowly bah..
today i learn the instrument also look like 'xylophone'
oh shit.. i forget wads that instrument's name..
i have to catch up with kim hong cos she play that instrument damn fast
slowly lar kim hong...i cant catch up
i went to fold my sleeve..
during english lessons..Mr aslam warm kim hong and I not to fold our sleeve..
but couldnt be help it..we 2 went to fold back after eng lessons.
after our home econs period,
it was MATHS..
then we meet until Mr Aslam
he saw us with our sleeve folded again..
we almost got PINK forms...
we were warn second time..haha

end here bah..