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HELLO READERS.not sleeping cause i'm worrying. im keeping my prayers for you, dont worry as father will be with you. =)
Okay, this post is dedicated to my [囧2] lovely bunch of people! & also to blog about my experience for filming this talk show. It's my first time participating in talk show though so im quite afraid i'd say the wrong thing. HAHA. you know, after you left secondary school, no one uses chinese anymore. Although i scored A1 for my O levels chinese but sad to say ive returned everything to my chinese teacher :( so im more ang mo now. As expected, during the 3 days filming, my chinese really cannot make it. You can see that everyone's board is written in chinese & mine is the only 1 full of english words. LOL. cause at the point of time, i dont remember how to write the chinese characters!! LOL. okay, please laugh at me if you want to.
Ive lots of feeling while filming this talk show. & i find attending a talk show is pretty fun! ^^ the filming process…
Hi everyone!
Its been a long time since i update my post! i guess these few weeks or rather these few months were quite hectic for me. and ive not been dancing since like a month ago. DAMN SIAN.
the past one month, ive been busy with numerous projects and whats worst was, ive mid sem tests going on too! and ive CCA duty as well. *faints* but thank god, i managed to survive :) and this is the beginning of my holidays! ^^ Im a happy kid! :)
what am i going to be busy with? i'll be having my SLP induction prgramme tmr and dinner with BIG tmr evening :) and then i'll be filming on Wed's morning and then waterfront IPC next :) on thursday, i'll be filming too. as well as friday filming! ^^
On 17th-19th, My friends and i are going to take the train to KL :)
On 20th-23rd. I'll be going to Bintan! CANT WAIT TO GO THERE AND SHOOT :D HAPPY! :DDDD
Im gonna prepare and sleep now! WAN AN!