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Showing posts from July 14, 2008
i just find out that i have damn lots of tags not replied back!
i'm watching Ms universe 2008 Vietnam!
cos shimin asked to watch it. LOL
i love the Austria's one! france's! greece!
shenise wong represented singapore!
gooo singapore! :D

♥ Emo : No problem! hahahs! :D

♥ Pamela : sorry dear! i didnt touch my templete yet that's why. could you leave your link again? thanks~

♥ Rachel@chuichui : hahas! yeps, i have an account in CR >> Joyceng (:
i accept all buddy request. so i accepted yours too if i'm not wrong (:

♥ Princess101 : HAHAS! YES TRUE! TVB dont need to worry much about the complaints. [: hahas! it's alright (: yeps! (;

♥ Hugo : hahas! cos i see my friend join percussion so i joined together with her instead. hehes! that's how i landed in percussion [:

♥FRAN : HAHAHAS!i'll go get it man!you la, forget the building's name ! TSK! LOL! xD hahas! i send you when you are online la. keep on never receive one. ahyooo.