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Showing posts from July 16, 2007


visit this blog and buy the shirt over there.
its super beautiful.
all are from taiwan.(:
i bought shirts from there too.
its my cousin blog.
buy from me and get super big wad are u waiting for?
do visit now! :D

didnt went schoool today.
having diarrhoea.!

stupid mutton-.-
oh yes.i'm allergic to muttons.
haiz.clss having history test today.
dono how it went.
hope they can do it.

i'm soooooo bored.
going to learn history laterr.

ohh!i think of something to post.!:D

saturday,july the 14
went badminton as usual.
my racket was so heavy that i couldnt smack.-.-
borrowed edwin's.
his one is super super light la.

then went edwin's hse.
played maple-.-
lol.plan to watch harry potter since muanting wanted to watch it.
but she keep saying she can only watch at shaw plaza.
we didnt wanna watch there as there is no shopping centres.
so in the end,she do wanna watch.
then we scold her.
lol.wanted her to cry.
hahah.but she didnt cry…