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Showing posts from January 16, 2008
hmmm, char has news, but i'm lazy to post everything here. hahahas. i just summarise itt:)
okay, Char & kenny invest on a food industry:) both of them went to the open house of the stall and it was crowded with alot of people. the food place was a good venue choosen i can say cos it is crowded with damn lots of people. hahas. and char & kenny ! hope u all earn profit in the investing! :)

For the long news of the above char's news, do visit sehseh's blog.
Next piece of news, Tvb contracted artist pictorials. i can say the artists posty for pictorials are mostly wonderful! & of course i prefer char's sexay pose the most! :) She is really sexy laa.

isnt my charchar looked so sexy? lols. the camera light effect on her does bloom abit and it makes a perfect picture out of char!:) great sexy pose sheh! xD
okies, done with her news:) for more tvb artisit contract pictures, do visit sehseh's blog .
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