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Showing posts from July 19, 2008
hello hello! [:
it's been long since i last blog.
i'm now at edwin's house and preparing for the BBQ later.
it's drizzling a little now and we are kinda worry that it will rain later.

hmmm, been to TVB musings to listen to LINDA's new song!
OMG! it's great to me la. [:
V, you must love it too i tell you. HAHAS!
her album is releasing on Aug 20.
i'm going to get it la!

i'm having charm's drought soon man.
i am missing her alot la!
and i re-watch yummy yummy because i wanna see charm!
she looks really great with kevin man.[:
hope TVB give them more opportunity to work as couple together.
of course my forever charray!
i miss charm! ):

thanks to JANEAL for making me Madam ma's banner!
it's gorgeous and i love it alot!
thanks janeal! ;]
hahas! she thot of me when she saw the random pics of charm in Fh2.!
hahas! and janeal! CATCH ME NOW IS GREAT!
must watch!
you'll love koni's character there.
i love her after her character "long-legged …