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Heya dearies! =D *updated!
it's been the last second day that i attended the SERVICE Quality in Temasek.
time really flies.
in the next 2 year, we'll be either in poly/JC.

tmr there will be a service quality test and etc.
i've yet to memorize my part.
LOL! just get this done and all la.
i'm lucky to have a bunch of silly partners.!
LOL! tania & jaslyn!
they are both crazy I TELL YOU! LOL!

i'll be flying to korea on 17 nov.
and i have to buy long white sleeve shirt and pants.
formal wear.
cos the next day we alight, we'll straight go to the high school there :D
and i'm going genting with aunty on nov2-5 (:

ohyea, dawn & i went to shop the whole day that time!
we had lunch @ HK cafe!
and WE order ALOT!
in the end, cant finished! LOL!
dawn la! LOL!
then we headed to k! LOL!
then go catch toys!
dawn was so addicted to it! LOL!
we each had one in the end. hehe!
stupid dawn~ LOL!

photos time!
i'll reply tags next time!

this above video is about HK-TVB actress GIGI lai retiring…
Dearest greetings to everyone!
hehe! i'm at temasek poly now~
im having the advance elective module course.
there are lots of things to do.
tests, project work,role play etc.
and we are certainly score well as the grades will reflect on out certeficate.

it's not tourism that i'm having.
it's service quality.
sometimes kinda bored but sometimes it's okay la. (:
we'll leave an hour early tmr!
cos we are having Korea breifing! :)
we are leaving for korea on 17 nov to 21 nov.!
that means no watching of TVB ceremony ):
argh! but dosent matter la.
and i'm so confused now.
what if i won the iweekly contest? argh.
why does it clashes with korea trip?! [hope that there are some miricles! but it wont happen! both fixed, what an impossible! just hope that it wont be men although i hope it'll be me, shit man, i dono what am i talking also. LOL!. hope that the tickets can go after the show! HAHA! ]
LOL! peharps i see too highly of myself.
like i'll win. -.-
Hello dearies! =D
i'm glad that i'm back blogging.
tags are piling up :p
cos some is repeated ones. -.-

i've known my results and yes i'm smoothly and successfully promoted to sec 4 express next year (:
but some of my classmates are retaining ): some even literally transferred to normal academic.
4e5 next year will not have the total pupils of 36 ):
but even small group.

back to results time.
i've got 4th place in class which i dropped one position sadly ):
COS I LOSE TO SOH SHENG HUI with that little tweeny marks!
never mind. at least i've been place 47/188 for the whole of sec 3 express.
proud (: heheeeee!
i have a total of 2 distinctions, 1 Bs, 4Cs! LOL! shit man. so many C's.
but at least i didnt fail any (:
that's it :D

i'm extremely GLAD that i passed F&N! LOL! (:
that's so cool! HAHA!
it's my last day of school today and next week i'm going temasek poly to experience poly life :D
we are trying out tourism course :)
that's super cool
and a…
Hihi dearies !
i've been out with cuzzie to vivo just now.
bought a few clothings from pull and bear. LOL! (:
the red was nice, the purple also not bad [:
my body has 2 colours now):
i dont wish to go under the sun already.
sunburnt hurts alot ):

and kate Tsui online at KTO just now [:
vee informed me of it.
teehee (:
well, kate is getting prettier.
vee must be super duper happy is she sees this. LOL

i'm just right right below her and vee asked me to print screen.
LOL! but i'm quite proud la.
LOL! (:
i think kate reads my message ! HAHA!
like what vee says.

and Shirley yeung is currently in singapore!
i got the schedule from Szeki world
but couldnt get the exact venue and all leh.
sad sad):
she's doing a promotional filming.
i wanna see her real person!
cos she's a really nice person from what i knew[:
hopefully we can bump into each other! HAHA!

tomorrow will be results-releasing dates.
another worrying day ):
i so so worry for eng paper, physics.
i scare that my history score will no…
Hello Dearies!
i'm back! :)
i know you all miss me yea?
HAHAHA! i know i know. (: LOL!

i just reached home.
celebrating my second aunt's birthday (:
we had steamboat and sing k! :) HEHE!

ohyea, went sentosa with sweetiees!
& i'm so sunburnt can! LOL!
but we had fun! :D
but i cant go down sea water.
i become sooooo tanned ): LOL!

♥ Anne : Hi ;D hahhas! ooo i see i see (L

♥ Jessica LOVE : HELLO LOVE! :D heheee! i miss you! :) we'ss meet up REAL SOON OKAY!~ :) LOVEEE!

♥ Jason Yuen : HAHA! i love TVbuddy as well as mickey mousey (: HAHA! i sooo long didnt go there already. i'll accept it when i access there (:

♥ Hugo : HAHA! (: i've been busy with exams but now it's over (: how about you?

♥ Mengkit : HAHA! you are suppose to! LOL! i got pretty good results for my oral leh! YOU GONNA BUT SWEETS FOR ME! LO…