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Charmaine sheh attended Ada's wedding which is held today! *updated 13 jan*

Congrats ada & zhang Jin ! they are tieing the knot today! (:

today, the 12 of jan, ada & her boyfriend had finally tie the knot!
her wedding was attended by different artists & her company's people/managers.

artists that attend Ada's wedding includes Charmaine sheh, Jessica Hester Hsuan, gigi lai, Moses Chan, Hacken lee, steven ma, shirley yeung, flora chan & more!

the wedding was held at afternoon-evening around that time. (:

A pic of charmaine attending ada's wedding;

Joyce: I am so happy that both charmaine & jessica attended Ada's wedding! :D & Charmaine looks sooo cute here la! :D she cut her fringe which make her look more younger! (she is always looking so young) ;p her hairstyle here also look great on her(: awww. she had a wonderful smile. & i saw jessicahsuan's photo like she was rushing for time? LOLS. she seems rush. :x

More photos of ada's wedding: http…
*not very comfirm is it right or wrong,
if its wrong, then i will put up the correct one as soon as someone is very sure of the details.

Johor function :
晚上七點半去Strait Garden Restaurant。
之後去Family Foodcourt。

Singapore function :
19號晚上在Conrad Hotel走紅地毯。
19號晚上7時在Causeway Point出席活動。
20號晚上7時也是在Causeway Point 出席活動。

there's all for now.
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joyce: YAY! cant wait for char to come come! :D wheeee~ awww. hope she still does have a fan gathering! )): i wannago airpot and fetch her lehs. xD who wanna go? victoria, u wan wan? hahas! xDD