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Showing posts from May 23, 2014

Advertorial: 24x25

Hello Everyone!!
I'm back here to blog about 24x25's new launch swallow tote bag!

If you read my blog a few months ago, 24x25 is not new to you then! Have I said they are one of my favourite sponsors? I absolutely love their stuff because of its exclusiveness and creativity of the designs they had in every single piece of their item.

"Happiness is not ready made. Happiness is handmade"

This time round, 24x25 surprised me again by introducing the swallow tote bag! This tote bag features pretty swallow prints double-layered with trusty basic black. What amazed me again was the quality of this tote bag. The swallow prints on it are extremely exquisite and gorgeous! Furthermore, because of the meticulous sewing done, this piece is able to withstand heavy weights! 
It was love at first sight when I received them! *.*

Quality material and design,  you wouldn't wanna miss it. TRUST ME. 

Its too pretty I had to video it down, poor dawn has to think of how to video and all…