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hihi dearies! =)
its been a long time since i've update my blog.
LOLS. reason is that simple.
tests are always everyday like there's no end to it.
i got back my SS results & i'm quite satisfied with it!
hahahs! :D
A1 for my Social studies! *claps.!
i passed my mathematics too lor!
Did the POA test today again.
Yes. its on double entry again. -.-
But who cares? i love double entry! WHEE~

i've got myself the TVBweekly with the TVBeauty featuring my shehshehjie inside!
i got one for V too! :D
shehshehjie was so leng!
she's so pretty la! she got beautiful long legs lor :)

Parents meeting is on next thursday.
my mama is meeting mskoh. :)

had public speaking today again!
today was quite fun la!
we have to disagree on what the pervious person had say!
then ms priya wan us to act "Crime watch"
those police police case de la.
it was damn funny la!
hahas! no words can describe that happiness and fun we had, right my dear friends?

Finally i have NO tests!
yea! ~
thats wh…
Hihi dearies=)
today was a damn suay day for me la.
it's damn suay okay.

Morning, went to board 980.
i pay the fares with coins la. and i was lazy to take the bus ticket.
& just right the bus conductor came up la!
& i didnt take my ticket you know.
so when he checked, i was like, "err, i didnt redeem my ticket"
he was like "go redeem la, i ccked ticket de, not help u take ticket de hor."
he's so rude.
then fine lor, people all see me go infront.
and when i went to the ticketing machine, i dont find my ticket there?!!
then the bus driver say "all the tickets were taken by the last person who boarded up the bus."
and i told the bus conductor that & u know what he said?
"then go buy one ticket la, i dont see the ticket, consider u as didnt pay."
i was like walao. i pay TWICE for a bus fare la!
damn suay okay!

Maths test was damn hard.
i cant finished on time.
i'm going to fail that paper lor.
hopefully i passed the overall with…
i'm not feeling well today and thus did not report to school.
Ms Koh is also sick.
LOLS. get well sooon:D
i'm going to visit the doctor sooon. ):

Today is going to be purely studying the whole day.
cos i'm having 3 tests tmr.
chinese, chemistry & POA-double entry.
i dont even know whether my brain can memorise so many things anot la.
poor thing lor.
sick still have to study so many things for tmr. alamak lor.

Shehsheh jie had once again updated her TVB blog.
& this time, i belive we all would share the same thoughts as her.
Hongkong Happy pie, Lydia sum passed away yesterday.
it is a very sad thing.
No more laughters.
Everyone would miss her i bet.

shehsheh jie had updates on just yesterday too!
She introduce her new "lover", her BB.
BB was so adorable la!
i hope i had one too butbut please refrain from scratching you owner ah, BB. (:
BB had beautiful round eyes same as its owner:)
i can say BB is the most fourtunate cat bahs:)

HK is said to have th…

i've gotten the TVB red packets!
Specially thanks to V!
thanks alot V! :D
hehehes. sheh's ang bao damn sexy &
lamfung was damn dashing!
hahahs! :D

OKay. cant write a long post now.
mama wanna use the com to see " They Kissed Again"

Meanwhile please visit :
to vote for shehsheh on Next TV awards.
Clear instructions in english:D

I'm off to print my POA notes provided by shenghui!
thanks shenghui! :D
Nites Dearies! =)
thanks again V! :D
hehehs. back to updateee :]
hmmm. went to bugis with mama today.
i wanted her to get me shorts but the shop not open yet!
shit shop. :x

& tell u all wad k!
i'm so thanksful to V!
u got me the tvb red packets!~
thanks alot V! :D

& now we are waiting for the TVB artist booklet 2008 to come out rite?
hehehes. i love sheh in that book! :)
awaiting for it la!

i just finihed with my SS long essay.
hmmmm and i roam around my new picture software & charlie's page.
and yes, she had done beautiful artworks of shehshehjie again la! :)
i post up for u all arh:)
you all will fall in love with her artworks la.

Charlie's artwork:

Charlie's artworks is always my favourite la.
all this is done by her, CHARLIE.
she have so many of beautiful artworks of shehshehjie.
you all should go her blog & take a look.
Pictures Credit to Charlie.

& i was filtering with my photo editor software.
hehes.i had done…
hihi dearies=)
went put to toa payoh wif mama & sister(:
went to get buah long long for grandpa.

then we walked passed guardian & mama wanted to but me a facial cleanser la.
then the person recommand this and that and in the end my mama spend over 100 dollars on facial products for me!
LOLS! that is really mad la!
thanks alot my dearest mama! :)
i love my mama!
and you all do so also yea?

then cabbed to punggol to visit my mama's friends to bai-nian.
the house was beautiful la!:)
and was suppose to meet benana at 430.
but cant get back on time and so did not went with her.
sorry benana!
i'll go with u next week k. so u heard that ah people.
i've been booked by bena next sat! so can only booked me other day ah!
hahahas! xD

&&& i've received the calendar!~
sehseh had sent me shehsheh jie's personalized calendar & its damn nice la!
i love it damn nice!
thanks sehseh for the calendar and the exclusive photo u've sent me!
i really love it la!
about the letter, its…
Hihi dearies! =)
updating my blog once again! :)

Today , the 15of feb,
school is commerancing Total Defence day.
how did the school plan for us?
alarms and all that were sound and we must remain calm!
Today all canteen sold porridges!
nothing but just porridges and plain water.
poor thing, i can imagine the hardship that people went thru last time.
& thr stall 2's peanut porridge was wonderful leh!
A little tasteless la huh. hahs! :)
How did your school commerance Total Defence Day?

Chemi lessons was bored la!
and its really bored okay!
the teacher is really "L-A-M-E" -.-
he is really lame la.
& i was so tired lor.
almost fell asleep during his lessons
but luckily there's the naughty shimin keep disturbing me! hahas! xD

Band after school:)
nothing ! Just a word NOTHING!
hahahs! :)
my juniors were such a cutie pie la!
i had a problem memorsing names ah.
so i just name one of the girl xuan.
hahas! :) she's a good girl:)
hahas. must practice hard on ur dr…

Valentine's Day! :D

hihi dearies! =)
Happy Valentine's day to all of you all!
& ah-sheh jiejie too!
hopes she find her other half soon! :D
she's having a good start for the year!
thats a good good news! :D

oh and thanks jupi for informing !

link at

Do vote for her!(09)佘詩曼

Voting Steps;
in case, u cant read the chinese there,

1st step, asking you to vote for 3 of the artist for the top 10 TV artist.
you have to click for 3! (*maybe cast ur another vote to (11)林峯? :D )

2nd step, Vote for 3 of the TV dramas to be up for top 10 TV dramas.
you have to click for 3 too!
*There's 2 charmaine's shows in it, cast 2 top votes for her shows first! xD hahas!
(21)歲月風雲(The Drive Of Life) & (29)鐵咀銀牙(Word Twisters' adventures)

3rd step, Most potential male and females award will come just vote for whoever. Charmaine was not in there.
Till the last 2nd & 3rd Voting.

PHILIPS星勢非凡大獎 - (02)佘詩曼
RMK高清立體肌膚大獎 - (01)佘詩曼

then click Next pa…
Hihi dearies =D
school was okay today.
shimin came in late.
no la. she got doctor appointment.!
and congrats darling!
u no need for a operation! :)
do take care of yourself ah.
dont injured yourself & ended up have to operate ahh.
you know de la, u scare of pain so much lor,
one hit and u scream liao.
hahas. (:
okay, take care much darling!

POA was damn funny today la.
Mr samy was talking damn funny thingy lor.!
he talked about what balance sheet thingy,
i cant even understand,
if u tell him, i dont know anything, u kana punished.
i think i'll failed POA la.

And tmr the 14th feb!
wad day is it?
hahhas, ya lar, Valentine's day la! :D
wishing all couples a happy valentine's day!
i'm still 100% SINGLE!
so i celebrate that day with "girlfriends" instead!
hahahs! :)

and i found a clip on youtube featuring ah-sheh jiejie of course.
she's advertising the 雅芳婷連心被.
She's super gorgeous lor.
i dono whether its a new clip anot.
but it was added 1 day ago by the owner:)
my ah-…
Hihi dearies! =)
updating my blog after 3 days!
LOLS. been lazy to do it.

school was fine,
just had 2 tests today.
English & F&N.
F&N was alrightt. (:
but but but the english was a damn hard paper lor.
i don't even know how to answer la.
It's very very hard,
i ont even know whether can pass the paper a not lor.
seems like i have to really buck up on newspaper reading, BBC news and extreme practice of english grammar and vocab lor.

I have to do my F&N courswork.
have to buck up on that also.
Cos i score pretty low for the Task Analaysis.

Happy Birthday to Jesseca liu from mediacorp !~ xD
just heard from yuzhen that its jesseca's bday tmr!
lols. yuzhen is a crazy fan of her.

ooooh. have u all seen ah-sheh jiejie's vancouver auto-graph pictures?
she's damn prettay lor.

Pictures :
credits to

isnt she just gorgeous?
prettay prettay ah-sheh jiejie!

okay, i gtg go study! :D
BYES Dearies! =)
HIHI dearies! =)
hmmm. i am so bored !
so decided to filter with my new photo editor software.

i just did a photo album for ah-sheh jiejie in vancouver.
Lucky vancouver fans get to go to her autograph sessions!
The photo album cant be shown here.
cos photobucket dosent reconise the file.

but i did a banner with the new software.
abit ugly lar.
cos i still not familiar with it.

How was it?
Nice? lols.
comments are welcomed:)
tag them at my cbox!

saturday will be going to friend's house bai nian.
2e5'07 guys seems to forget everybody already lor.
they are so bad larr.!

anyway, enjoy my picture!
hahas! :)
update blog again!
Alothough its the second day of chinese new year,
i still stayed at home the whole day watching Shows lar.
so boring.!

so decided to roam around youtube to see any intreseting videos.
hahas! and i found a few! :D
show you all (:
credit to Blumonkee.

This video above is Raymond Lam behind the scenes lo.
and i love when he said "this is my girlfreind, isn't she beautiful?" {referring to ah-sheh jiejie) xD!

Video number 2! Making Fun of ah-sheh jie! <3
credit to blumonkee too! :)

this year's new year, argh!
damn bored laa!
hello dearies! =D
i'm now at my aunt's house! :)
checking the air tickets price~

Ah-sheh jiejie this year is in Vancuvour celebrating lunar new year la.
hope she's enjoying there!
she attended The Super Trio show 2008 yesterday!
she was so cute and funny la!

Credit to uknowmenow on youtube.

hahas. isnt she funny?!
she's so adorable lor! hahas.
My super Idol- ah-sheh! <3

This is a video of ah-sheh jiejie & Kevin singing at TVB dinner!
ah-sheh jiejie sang wrongly and luckily kevin continue with it. (:
they both really made a good match lor! :D
other then lamfung i love kevin with her next! (:
but ah-sheh jieijie still sings very well lor. *claps!
she's too anxious while singing. (:

Credits to

ahaahas. enjoy the clips!
okay, siging off now!
once again, HAPPY CNY to all readers of hugs-everywhere!
&&& my ah-sheh jiejie! :D
BYES! <3
hihi dearies! =)
school's CNY celebration today!
and the school's fashion show was quite nice and funny la!

going to gugu house to have the dinner later.
POST up full videos of Astro Wah Lai Toi 2007.
all videos credited to TEDDIEBURRTVB from youtube.

Part 1 of 13;

Part 2 of 13;

Part 3 of 13;
*Raymond Lam fung sings LIVE at part 3. *thumbs up!

Part 4 of 13;

Part 5 of 13;

Part 6 of 13;

Part 7 of 13;

Part 8 of 13;
*Bosco dacing & singing LIVE.

Part 9 of 13;

Part 10 of 13;

Part 11 of 13;

Part 12 of 13;

Part 13 of 13;

Finally finished,
all credited to teddieburrTVB @

& on 31 jan,
ah-sheh jiejie went on TVB dinner.

this video below is ah-sheh jiejie la!
she is introducing her dress and jewellery,
she's so gorgeous lor!
credits to sehseh's blog @

This video below is the TVB dinner interview. [:
credits to smacky97 on youtube.

okays, i'm going my gugu house to ear dinner already!
Cya again! =)
hihi! up for another post for 5th feb!
i wanna show all of you artworks that are done by people!

from net;
credit to RIGHTFUL owner.

From Charlie!
i always loved Charlie's artworks! :)
for more of her artworks, visit her blog!