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290606---->PrinCess Dining Ro0m


suppose to be 29th of june to post but that time computer spoilt
lets say 29th that day..
that day is the opera performance
luckily look like no one can recognize me
hmm..dono how many teachers watch our performance..
but sure MRS YEO surely come watch..
cos she very supportive de
that day after half of the show was play..
we had 15 mins interval
then Mrs Yeo came to the back stage to look for us
wah..i was stunned and shock
Mrs Yeo damn pretty..and is really really very pretty
TOTALLY different from what we saw her in our P.E lessons
when having P.E, she wore shorts..t-shirt and her specs
but that day she wear a shirt, a small jacket, skirt/pants....and without her specs(damn pretty)
she took a photo of us, and i thot that's all
but she is going to put on themillion smiles that thing
oh gosh..but nvm..LOLs

i am proud and happy to be her student

LOve ya ((:

Mrs Yeo really is a very very pretty + cute + nice +EXEMTREMLY funny....
Wonderful P.E teacher.. ((…

29 June 2006--->Dancing Ro0m..


today having opera performance....
Luckily look like nobody can reconise me.....:p
wah...the room was all in mess and rush...
LOLs..but very fun lar..
hmm...dono which teacher got attend...:p
but i know Mrs Yeo will go as she is very supportive de...
we had 15 mins interval..then shock leh..
Mrs Yeo came to the back stage and find us..
she could reconise us un back stage but she thought that i haven acted..
LOLs..cannot reconise..
Mrs Yeo today very very very pretty..
and i say it..really very pretty..
different from wad when she take us for P.E.
P.E that time..she wear shorts and T-shirt with her specs..
like that also quite pretty de ler..
but today she come opera performance at the bact stage that time..
she can reconise her....i cant reconise Mrs Yeo..
oh gosh...then i still went to ask meixin who's that..LOLs..:P
than we see more look like Mrs Yeo ler..
then really her lor..
she did not wear specs..
she wore a shirt inside then a small jacket inside...
she wore daggling earings..
a three qu…