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The Changing Point Productions Xmas Dinner

Hi Everyone!
braved through the storm, braved through the "proclaimed" doomsday and im here to blog!
woohoo as ive said i'm living in the world not believing that there will be doomsday.
So people, please live happily everyday ok!

So anyway im here with my next blogpost on: The Changing Point Productions Xmas Gathering!
huh? what is The Changing Point Productions? In short, it is TCP, wanna find out more?
Please go to their facebook page @
or visit the official website at!
okay lah, i be nice, tell you in summary, they produce online dramas/Variety shows and even have their own Awards ceremony! Click on the link to watch their exciting shows!!
Currently on air is TCP's blockbuster [Pottery]! One of the show that i've enjoyed very very much and hungry for more episodes, always blaming how come each episode so short only then how come the music can just right fit the atmosphere…