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Showing posts from September 6, 2008

Linda Chung's CD arrived!

Hihi dearies! =D
i have many tags to replied. :x
sorry for not updating, because i have to deal with my blogshop.
advertising and all that and so we need your support !

♥Ah muan : HAHHA! okay, OUR. LOL! YEA! i think i know why the reason we cannot get more customers. PROMOTE! still come here talk talk talk. LOL!

♥ Allyn : HAHA! thanks (: yeps, okies :D will link you up asap (:

♥ Fiona : AHAHA! thanks! (:

♥ Shuyi : thanks sweetie! :D

♥ Selina : HEHEHEHE! :D okok.

♥ Mengkit : HAHAHA! yes i am! xD LOL! eh, mu oral not bad, you must buy another one give me! LOL!

♥ Jingwen : LOL! like that also can.

♥ Hugo : LOL! be confident sweetiee! :) HAHA! thanks thanks (:

♥ Kuku mei : HAHA! luckily i didnt see it. i'm scare of them.! LOL!

♥ Jason Yuen : LOL! yea, i saw some of niki's birthday party photos. she's gorgeous! so is tavia's one :D tavia's birthday party has lots of TVbuddy bear bear! heheeee! i wish i was there …