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Showing posts from December 2, 2006

very bad attitude.):

hiya people!
dono wad to blog lar.
&always gets boredboredbored easily*:D
&i wanna tell everybody
joyce wants to be an outstanding air-stewardess!
i wantwantwant*:D
i loveeee to be on the plane((: fav show is attracting lots of people to watch!
yay! C:
i bought the vcd & shimin &amelia wanna borrow frm me(:
sure will lent u guys after my cousin finished[:

shimin &i wanna be air-stewardess.
we wanna travel &fly!

ok.drop the topic bahs.
&i going to hate that girl in Balestier hill.
at first thot that she was damn innocent larr
then wad after that.?
copy everything from different people.
this only make her lost all her friends man!

she has a very bad attitude larrs.
smile also copy.
its like wth!
copy until like that.
hate her man
not only i, most of the people too.
full of anger wid her la.

lalalalaal~anyways another 2 more band practices & no more!
woo lalala~
&karen is coming on the 5 dec to stay!

&the going out wid verm…