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Showing posts from July 8, 2007


hehe.i'm lazy to blog this time.
i'm SUPER hyper and happy now!
its raining in the night.!
just came back from ahyi's hse.
went to dl maple for her daughter.
yay.we maple addicts. :/

went to install majong for my ahyi in her computer.
yes.majong is fun.
mapling just now.
level orbis doing quest.(:
okok.its lame. -.-
my yuanlong ah di lvl 70 plus bah.
make me walk the wrong way in orbis.

guess wads my lilltle sis doing now?
she's wrapping my leg like wad those jean yip people does la!
lol.! she's funny.
she say i'm fat):
guess like joyce ng have to go on diet!(:
i'm going diet wid ahyuke and edwin.
i'm their food controller. well as i will be controlling my food.

my little sis keep asking me about her hw.
i really dun knoe how to do as my BASICS are seriously poor.
ha.she have to do hw everyday cos now stamford got one FIRECE teacher to make her study.
the teacher is great.
make students study.
thats good.

alrighht.i have to do the sec4
probability wor…