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Showing posts from March 16, 2008
i'm getting angry over i cant open the files la. luckily ling is helping me with it, by sending the insrtuctions to me. i'm currently at my cousin's house la. thier internet faster :D my com's internet is damn lagged. LOL.
and showing you all who's ella koon if you dono. she's a sweet one too. i love her eyes :D
isnt ella koon pretty too? hehes:D okay, going now. byes! :D
HIHI dearies=)
wonder why i'm awake so early?
LOL, nono. i didnt sleep yet.
i'm searching the net and doing the english assignment.
cannot really understand la.
but i'll try to keep reading and reading.
i'm sure i'll understand it and i'll try to understand it.
copying all the notes down first and then writing a speech. (:
i hope i do well for this english assignment la.
wish me luck =)

hehes. went to do facial again yesterday.
& as usual it was painful when they squeeze out the blackheads.
really painful, u cant shout too as it was super quiet la.
dont wanna embarresed yourself yea? LOL.

and i've updated my links!
added lindachung & ellakoon's fansite!
Both are my idol too!
Ella Koon's a real beauty too apart from my sheh jiejie laa :D
& linda chung belongs to the sweet and cute side.
i love ella koon's eyes. :D

okay. short post for now.
gtg continue to understand my english assignment.
wish me luck that i can understand and do well=)
bye dearies! =)