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Showing posts from August 24, 2010
HELLOHA PEOPLE :D its been 2 days of mugging days for me. completed tasks that i need to, well, with the exception of POM. will be studying with study gang tmr! :D see you peeps!

anyway, those above pictures are some PREVIEWS OF PACEsetters retreat :) more of my facebook :D loving emilie super much! (FYI, that's the little girl ! ) bobo and i decided to go paris one day! (HAHA! as in when we are working and have the ability too) she wants me to go backpacking with her but staying in a 5 star hotel -.- LOL, emilie say she wants to bring me around paris. dont forget me emilie! :D

anyway, unriddle been pretty good right? ((: i know my idol is GOOD. VERY GOOD. SUPER GOOD. TOO GOOD FOR WORDS. LOL DYLAN OR YUZE? actually to put my shoes into Xiaoman, i will also be in dilemma. (although im yuze bias) but i find Dylan quite sweet too :)

okay! BYE!