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Showing posts from February 15, 2008
Hihi dearies! =)
updating my blog once again! :)

Today , the 15of feb,
school is commerancing Total Defence day.
how did the school plan for us?
alarms and all that were sound and we must remain calm!
Today all canteen sold porridges!
nothing but just porridges and plain water.
poor thing, i can imagine the hardship that people went thru last time.
& thr stall 2's peanut porridge was wonderful leh!
A little tasteless la huh. hahs! :)
How did your school commerance Total Defence Day?

Chemi lessons was bored la!
and its really bored okay!
the teacher is really "L-A-M-E" -.-
he is really lame la.
& i was so tired lor.
almost fell asleep during his lessons
but luckily there's the naughty shimin keep disturbing me! hahas! xD

Band after school:)
nothing ! Just a word NOTHING!
hahahs! :)
my juniors were such a cutie pie la!
i had a problem memorsing names ah.
so i just name one of the girl xuan.
hahas! :) she's a good girl:)
hahas. must practice hard on ur dr…