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Showing posts from June 14, 2009
Hello dearies!
i know i had been neglacting my blog for the past few days!
i'm so sorry about it.
because of continuous remedial lessons and all.
but i'm glad that my F&N practical is over!
yes! i manage to finish my 5 dishes in 2 hours!
how great! (:
hehe! and i'm making for children though.
I hope i score well for it. *keep finger cross.

now 2 major part of O levels is completed and that includes chinese and F&N practical,
i'm handing up my F&N coursework pretty soon and coursework B is coming up.
being a sec 4 really sucks.
life is terrible but well, thinking of the positive side, life after sec 4 would be the greatest!
so why not study hard not. hehe.
i seemed to be motivating myself.
how retard. LOL.
& i'm currently on my F&N evaluation.
and i have to amend all the mistakes and all before i submit up.
hopefully i score an A.
*cross fingers again.

dancing classes was great!
i always enjoy them.
yesterday my leg was effing pain.
standing on high heels for a couple …