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Showing posts from September 12, 2007
euniceeee nggg(
plays a role as zishan in the show)

look at this 2 photos of jessesca liu!
so much much different la!

there the "couple" in this show.
i just lovee they 2 together la.
so compaitable(sp).(:

yaya.i'm finally not lazy to blog ya.
went out to study with dawndawn.
we really study ok!
i studied science while dawn study her maths.

oh and 《情有可缘》 the show is really nice.
falling in love~
Euniceee Nggg is loveed(:
hahas.same surname as me.
her acting skills are great! woolalas.:D

and off i go.
much love.:D
eunice ngg rawk!;)