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Hello dearies!
i know i have neglected all of you during this time.
Schedule were fully packed with dance class and studies.
and i OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE mid year has ended! =)
i was feeling very tired, very very tired.
i stayed up to 3.30am everyday to memorize this and that.

Physics paper 2 was alrighty la, but i'm not too sure whether i flunged that up.
Today had physics/chem paper 1, and i MISREAD 2 questions, 2 marks gone + totally physics section was rather badly done.
where density always remains the same, i went to muiltiply by 3 when the ask me to calculate densities of such 3 iron blocks. LOL. how reatard is that.
haiz, endless carelessness. HOW!
and a topic on chem, it was showing liquid molecules to gas molecules and it's so obvious that it's
boiling, BUT i see those liquid molecules as SOLID. wth! ARGH.
i dont dare to count how many mistakes i make, it's endlessness.
i just hope i pass physics session.

Oral was fine(: got a band 2(: a little away from…