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First day of Seoul! Departing from Changi Airport and landed on Seoul!

Hi guys!
it is now 11:06pm in Seoul but its only 10:06pm in Singapore!
The sky here turns dark at like 5pm onward and pitch dark by 6pm!
That's why although its only 10:06pm according to Singapore's time, it felt like 1am to me. hahaha
Anyway, I departed from Changi Airport on the 7th night for the flight at 1:30am (on 8th Dec!)
Thank You Mentholatum Acnes for the Korea trip!

Before I depart, my awesome stats groupmates came to the airport to send me off!
super super touched and thankful!
like what i've said in instagram,  I really never had friends sending me off D:
Thank You geokmin, Eugene and ronald for coming down and serene, katherine and charis for wishing me although you'all couldnt come down because it was too late.
We had a great time with Spongebob in the Airport!

Took this in the transit area for geoky cause she loves Mr spongebob! so cute the Spongebob decorations!

Sweets from the sweet geok!  Thank you so much geok! Im happily eating them! :D
I checked in…