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Showing posts from June 1, 2008
Helloha dearies! :D
wahahas! 3rd freaking post in the same day.
i forget that i have to reply quiz from kuku.

A reply Quiz to CharmaineKUKU

1. When will the Sun not shine and when will the World end?
-When i have nothing left.
2. What you want the most now?
-Ah-SHEH! hahas xD. loved ones of course! ♥
3. Do you believe in afterlife?
-50:50 (:
4. Do you hate your friends sometimes?
-hmmm, maybe (: but very very less. :D
5. When do you wish to die?
-if i have a choice, i choose not to (:
6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
-YES! i've seen one before! :D and i love rainbow!
7. What impossible things u would wish to do?
-In this world, i believe nothing is impossible. :]
8. Do you believe in eternity love?
-perharps, perharps, perharps. [:
9. Have you broken someone's heart that he/she tried to comit suicide?
-HAHAS! this kind of silly. NOPE of course :D
10. What feeling do you love most?
-the feeling of being love and dote by most!
11. What are the requirements that you wish from your o…
Hello dearies!
came for a second post. :D
hahas! i was roaming around youtube.
and so decided to watch the MHK pageants!
and i support 2 of them out of all.

First would be Samantha , #9 高海寧

i think she has good pronunciation in canto plus she's confident and sweet :D
ans she's good in answering the judges question.

second would be #12 - 姚婷芝

but in answering the judges questions, she did not perform well but she has a sweet look. :)

hmmm, looking forward to their further competes.
and Victoria just called me that she received her first episode of FH2!
i'm up to episode 9 already.

Hello dearies! :D
have been slacking at home this 2 days.
i rush through Catch Me Now yesterday! from episode 1-15.
LOL! it's like show marathon.

and Catch Me Now is a very nice show!
the thiefs were brillant la!
always winning the police!
their teamwork and techniques are really WOW.
all of you all MUST catch this show!
it's really nice and exciting!

well, i'm still waiting for patpat to arrive to singapore!
she's going to pass me XXX !
hahahas! cannot be revel till then! :p
thanks patpat! ♥

hehes. i got nothing to write le.
BYE! ♥