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Showing posts from July 21, 2007

went to BHSS carnival todayy.
it was alrigghhht la.
i'm a receptionist. :D goodie bags and soo onn.

then went for band performance.
tequila,stand by me,lion sleeps tonite!
our band simply rawk la. lols.
minster was happy wid my BHSB.(:

after performance,went back to the reception corner and ask ling to take foto .
for me,ms koh & yunqi.
but ling dono how to use my phone!
in d end, no photo was taken la. ahhh -.-
continue doing receptionist job.
whee~ chan was greedy!
lol.he wants goodies!
but he is a teacher, too bad cant get it.!

proud that minster signed our KITE
that was designed by MEMEME, meiixin, yuzhen & wilson larr.

yesyes,we were soooo proud of it k.
minster signed on our beautiful kite!

and ms hgoh call yunqiiqii & me to walk around
to play games since we have nothing to do.
yeps.walking around faster complete those games!
finally and that stupid idea of taymuanting was great.
for once,i agree wid her.haha!
she and kimhong go play 2…