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Teenage Gorgeous You x 313 Alphabet Challenge

Hi guys!

I am back with Teenage's 4th Challenge! And you know what, this time round we had explore what to eat, play and shop at 313@somerset! Sounds fun right, I mean I love roaming around and look for interesting things I can do around town!

I'm sure 313@somerset is not foreign to all of us. And I go to town very often because my school and home are really near town! Hence, I was so excited to showcase what is there to do in 313@somerset! BUT, Teenage puts in a rule - they gave us 6 random alphabets and mine are "B,E,G,R,V,S!"
We can only head to the stores starting with the random alphabets which were assigned to us!

With that, I’ve asked my friend, Katherine, who was helping me to video the challenge to choose 4 alphabets out of the 6 that was assigned to me. And first up, was the letter R! R was a tricky one because there was only 1 store in the entire mall that starts with the letter “R”. Which brings us to “Royal Sporting House” at #05-05!

I am not considered a “sp…