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lalal.oh,thanks to mr chan;
although i did alot of things which should not be done,he still didnt blame me.
thanks so much! :D

&all the things that i did about my teacher, is a childish act.
i find it rather childish to criticise people.
rest assure,mr chan, i will never do it again.(:

oh.& today's got back mid year paper.
very very badly done.
i'm so slack this mid year la.
although all subjects pass but overall was not very well done):
i've learnt a lesson of slacking.
and PROMISE i will never slack again.

eng paper 1=25/60 {super super bad}
eng paper 2=55/100{super super bad}
overall eng=50/100{just pass ): }

chinese listening=20/20 (:
chinese paper 1=25/35 {not up to expectation}
chinese paper 2=33/45 {not up to expectation}

maths paper 1=23/50 {failed badly! ): }
maths paper 2=38/50 {not bad la. one of the highest for this paper (: }
overall=61/100 {not up tp expectation}

science/section A=11/20
science/section B=22.5/40

wishing the whole world's mummie HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!
i would like to thankmy mummie for giving me all this year!
i'm great to have my mum!
mum's the best! (:

glad to see i'm back rite? lol
was not able to blog this few days as internet got problem
now using sis's laptop(:

went to bowling just now wid darl & wilson.
the lane was stupid la =.="
anyhow go give scores.
LOL. never strike also say strike.
hahah.i was late in meeting them.
actually was not raning but when i came, it rains heavily!
stupid rain, rain at the wrong time =.="
luckily i call baobei to come down from her house to give us her umbrellas.
lol. since we are at farrer park.
she's kind enough to bring us d umbrellas(:
thanks baobei <3

after the bowling trip we went to baobei's house to return the umbrella.
saw her praying.
today's mother day need to pray de ma?lol
then went wid baobei & her mum to the lift.
they were going to market.
then we off to plaza sin…

exams period are here.
& finished geo,eng & maths paper.
d eng & geo was super difficult laaa.
i'm going to screwed up the papers.
this time d mid year like very stressed to me.
keep feeling giddddyy :x.
like going to faint liddat.
that make me no mood to do d mid year test.
haiz. i wont top d class for sure agn.
cos i know i didnt did well for it.

everytime do test feel giddy like going to faint lidddat.
but will stive d best.
i have wishes from everyone!

tmr having chinese & lit test!
going to pass wid flying colours!

hope i wont feel giddy agn.

&i love HER<3