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Showing posts from February 16, 2008
hihi dearies=)
went put to toa payoh wif mama & sister(:
went to get buah long long for grandpa.

then we walked passed guardian & mama wanted to but me a facial cleanser la.
then the person recommand this and that and in the end my mama spend over 100 dollars on facial products for me!
LOLS! that is really mad la!
thanks alot my dearest mama! :)
i love my mama!
and you all do so also yea?

then cabbed to punggol to visit my mama's friends to bai-nian.
the house was beautiful la!:)
and was suppose to meet benana at 430.
but cant get back on time and so did not went with her.
sorry benana!
i'll go with u next week k. so u heard that ah people.
i've been booked by bena next sat! so can only booked me other day ah!
hahahas! xD

&&& i've received the calendar!~
sehseh had sent me shehsheh jie's personalized calendar & its damn nice la!
i love it damn nice!
thanks sehseh for the calendar and the exclusive photo u've sent me!
i really love it la!
about the letter, its…