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Showing posts from July 11, 2007
i'm soooo tired.
anyway this sat the newspaper event is cancelled):
we will still be going for badminton rite people?
darl&me wanna go swim swim after badmonton at edwin's hse.

fats fats fats all over.
haix.joyce ng!grow tallerr stop growing fatter! >.<
i'll skip everyday.
lol.wanna reach 163!
but i'm only 156 now.tsk.

lessons were boring.
pe was boring too.
keep running 2.4km
and i broke my own record~
last year napfa 2.4km=13.45
recently 2.4km=12.30
& i am going to break my record on the napfa day!
lol.i will do it.
tmr chinese test.
and its easy.
heck care about it. xD

i'm tired.