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YUP . in school(:

hmm. today day was okok lar.
in school lab using computer(:
haha, home computer was a stupid computer laaa. =.+
yesterday went home after edwin's hse,LOL
&i restart and restart and restart but still not responding..
stupid com =.+

Today wentt school to verify my results,
and yes i went top for it. :D
haha. proud of myself.
but then level position still mantain laa.. ):
still 12 in whole level laa.
i wanna get top 10 in level but to bad cant.):

haiz... dun noe wad to do then can improved myself laaa.
wish i'm talented la..
hahaa. but too bad have to based on our hard work.. ;D
haha. aiming for 3E1 okays..
wish me luck too.

now discussing about the chalet thingy laa.
haha.. poor edwin laa.
shout & shout but couldnt let the class quiet down
{including me.. ;DD}
shhsss. pretend to hear can liao la.

back my result verify,{the rankings in my class}
Chinese languge=rank 3
English Languge=rank 19
Liteature=rank 6
Science=rank 10
maths=rank 21{always not good.}
history=rank 19


hmmm.. not really satisfied la!

regreted not really studying hard la
then slack during end yr that time )):
very bad la.

and my com cant go internet la!
stupid com +.=

i love ONG YU TING laas!
hehe ;D
she's a nice and smart gal(:

okiedokie show show results bah(:
dun laugh ah!
very badly done la.
english: 72/160{paper fail =.=". over pass ;D}
maths: 57/100 {always not good}
chinese: 63/80
science: 64.5{badly done}
geography:77/100{freakin shock! nva did so well before}
Literature:57/100{haha. nva expect to pass}
Home Econs:66/100{badly done}

u seeeee u seeee!
badly done.
hehe ;D
but still top the class
cos got count mid year in too((:

i didnt expect too
cos that time teacher say yuenyern first
but then teacher count wrongly.
he called and tell me he count wrongly((:
hhehee. TOP again!
meixin second!

we rawks!
haha. this include all the other opera members!
especially my ping en jie((:
she rawks!
hahaa. meixin and i & pingen jie strive to do well n…