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Shiseido Product Launch: AQUALABEL x SENKA x TSUBAKI

Hello everybody!  Today, I'm going to blog about Shiseodo's new product launch!  Thanks to Sheena, I got invited to attend the "Summer Indulgence Blogger Event" on 15th May! Got to try out a lot of their new products and I'm so excited to share them below!

The lovely venue and yummy food is sponsored by: Coastes Singapore Website: Facebook: Location: 50 Siloso Beach Walk #01-05 Sentosa, Singapore
My "sister-in-law" (so used to call her that after DMC xD) drove me there, thankful for that because it was at Sentosa~
The set-ups were amazing!  Because it was a "Summer" theme, we get to dress up casually! 
Was greeted with my own personalized card + my photo! So nice of them to search for my picture and get them attached on the card! awwww!~

A must have picture with the cute backdrop and props!  Was dressed up casually because it was supposed to be like a "beach" kinda theme. Thus,…