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shoo shoo shoo~
He's my love. (: Right now, im still at unnie's house. i really love staying here that i dont feel like going home forever. enjoying every single seconds in here. i can do what i like. it's so convenient tooooo! :) like gym, suana (whatever you spell it), running in the morning and everything. Anyway, im still waiting for my korean supplier to mail me back! T.T i really want to ask him to supply me the clothes! cause i think its gonna be a big hit. In addition, k-pop had a big influence on singaporeans as well. so i guessed customers are also gonna be attracted to the clothes! PLEASE REPLY ME SOON. T.T kamsahamida~ anyway, tmr ive to attend the NECDC district meeting from 1pm-4pm. hope its a good experience for me! ^^ and after that ive to head back for work at taka. busy schedule ahead.~ okay, school is reopening in 10 days time. T.T why holidays passed so fast?!! i want my holidays still. okay, stop complaining you pabo joyce. k, shall go remove contacts + make up and head to sleep! GOODNIGHT…
BLOGSHOP BY ME: coming soon......

please support me.
i'm trying to sell off my extra clothings from my cabinet which had not been worn or worn only once.
and the price is DEFINITELY cheaper than retails or not GUARANTEE MONEY BACK.

My aims and plans:
1) to sell of my extra clothes
2) to visit malaysia and hand-picked clothes on my own and bring back to singapore and sell them on blog.
3) hope to be able to travel to different countries to pick beautiful clothings and sell them to beautiful people! ^^
4) If it is doing well, i hope to design my own clothes as well as manufacture my own clothings + designs!

i'll blog when the official blogshop is done!
thank you! ^^
This is really the FIRST time of my entire life to blog about him.
i really want to keep all this in my heart, i dont want my friends,relatives, people who dote on me to worry about my life.
i dont want them to share my burden, just let me swallow this alone.

Today is the first night that i really feel like screaming from the top of my lungs, BADLY.
i wanted to shout, i really wanted to, but i keep surpressing it.
and now my heart really feels the pressure.
it's getting heavier till i cant take it anymore.

Even typing about this, my heart is super heavy, it weighs a million trillion piercings.
i want, i wish to tear but come to think of it, its not worth it.

There are several, infact, more than that, my entire life which causes many things that lead to a deeper level of hatred against him.
ive tried not to hate him, tried to understand that "no matter what, he's still my dad"
not that i didnt try, I TRIED! I KEPT THINKING, kept putting god's word in my mind.

okay, ended my day today with 12 hours of job!
TAKASHIMAYA's card members day!
the shopping mall was pretty crowded, i kept serving customers.
but thats a good thing becase time passed so fast while you have things to do.

Takashimaya's talking hall is now having HELLOKITTY CUM LITTLE TWIN STARS CUM MY MELODY ETC fair!
the items are super adorable!!!
but they are so expensive! ):
why why why!
ive got no $$ alr.
gonna declare bankrupt alr man.

and haven been able to contact muanting unnie!
cause she dont wanna repair her phone.
was thinking of sleepover on monday night after my work!
then next morning then can go for morning jog and swimming in the evening.
hopefully to lose some weight by the end of the week! >.<

okay! tmr gonna mark my 12 hours work again!
im so gonna change job for my next long holiday!
i wanna do something i like!! RAWR


Hi people!
not much typing to do.
let the pictures do the talk! ^^

6th oct- Jaslyn's belated birthday (bena & joyce's self-camera!! :D )
7th oct- outing with woman ! :) & Duty at St.Regis Hotel.



Hellooooo people! how are you? guessed all the primary and secondary school kids are having their end-of-year exams hwataeng k! :)
anyway, had meeting for cca in school today, discussed about the YEG thingy . it goes through quite smooth i guessed? and after dismissal, went to meet woman to shop at marina square :D went there and had lunch first. ^^
as usual, i have to avoid "flour-related" food, so rice and noodles are out. and im having serious throat infection and flu, so chicken and fried food are out. the choices of food are super limited for me la. alamak. i still have to stick to my yong tau foo without noodles then :( luckily i love eating tofus. LOL.
And Idol was spotted at Marina Square too! but we didnt went to find her la, and we dont have fate with her. shall not elaborate this la, make me so sad! SO NEAR YET SO FAR. ):
then we went to walk around! was considering whether i wanna buy my polaroid film at cactus. but didnt get it at last la. walked past top shop, then saw "famil…
SNSD FTW. :D i love all 9!

how i wish i have this kind of girls standing, playing, quarreling,shopping with me!
i really <3 how the way these girls spent their love with each other :D
it's really not easy to find a group of friends whom they'll stay with you side by side always.

anyway, life had been pretty not bad i guessed?
its just that work is tiring me, ive to stand all day long and worst of all, there's no customers!
it makes work boring, you know.
anyway, i've sent in my application for relief teacher.
yes, im trying to take up the job as a reflief teacher, guessed it'll be another skill for me to experience and learn :)
not too bad.

and life tmr continues with work.
and im attending Global Entrepolis Singapore next week!
how i wish i have more jobs like that!

okay, that's all for now!